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At Feline Fine, we believe that cats and their owners are truly special, and we're dedicated to ensuring their well-being. In our calm, feline-only environment, we provide gentle and compassionate care to ensure your companion receives the attention they deserve.

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Welcome to Feline Fine
Clinic for Cats ONLY

After years of envisioning a feline-exclusive veterinary practice, Dr. Stephanie Kadasi opened Feline Fine Cat Clinic, LLC, in collaboration with her father, David Cheney. Drawing from their expertise in feline medicine and business management, and fueled by their shared passion for cats, they aim to create an exceptional veterinary experience.

At Feline Fine, we offer modern, tailored veterinary care exclusively for cats, emphasizing low-stress handling. Our comprehensive services encompass feline wellness and sick visits, surgeries, dental procedures, and compassionate end-of-life care. Committed to excellence, our clinic adheres to the AAFP Feline Friendly Gold Practice Standards and obtained Fear Free Practice Certification in 2022.

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Why We Stand Out?

We are the only Fear Free Certified Practice in Central Oregon. This means that we've gone the extra mile to ensure that your cat is able to be as calm as possible while visiting. As a result, we're able to better diagnose and treat whatever is going on.

State Of The Art Equipment

Our office is equipped with some of most cutting edge technology available. Having this equipment on site allows us to diagnose and treat issues much faster and easier than most other clinics. The faster response time can often be the saving factor when dealing with a sick or injured kitty.

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Meet Our Team

Our team is passionate, kind, and wholly cat-focused, where each member embodies a deep love for feline companions. From the receptionist's welcoming smile to the veterinarian's gentle touch, every interaction is infused with care and compassion. We understand that cats are not just pets but cherished family members, and our commitment to their well-being is unwavering. Whether it's providing expert medical advice or simply showering them with affection, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every cat receives the attention and care they deserve.

Employment Opportunities

We are always interested in meeting cat-loving, service oriented candidates who have an interest in working at Feline Fine. We normally have open positions available on Indeed, but feel free to submit a resume here if we don't have a current opening

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