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Wellness Care and Whole Health

Wellness Care and Whole Health

Care focused on keeping cats “feline fine”! Maintaining happy healthy kitties, and the prevention of infectious diseases.

Illness, Injury, and Behavior Problems

Illness, Injury, and Behavior Problems

We utilize cutting edge equipment and extensive training to diagnose and treat your cat’s health concerns.

Procedures and Oral Surgery

Procedures and Oral Surgery

Elective surgeries, including spay and neuter, and non-elective procedures, such as wound repair and dental extractions with oral radiographs.

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Client Resources

We know there is a lot of information out there regarding feline health, which can make it difficult to tell the difference between reliable sources and dodgy ones.
That’s why we’ve done the work for you! Go ahead and look through our list of helpful and trusted resources below.

Cat friendly homes logo

Cat Friendly Homes

Cat Friendly Homes, launched by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, offers a wealth of information for cat parents. Explore topics such as cat behavior, maintaining your cat's health, and the importance of regular vet visits.

Cornell university logo

Cornell Feline Health Center

The Cornell Feline Health Center, from the renowned Ivy League institution itself, is committed to disease research aimed at advancing the welfare of cats. They provide relevant and meaningful advice to owners and veterinary professionals alike.

every cat health foundation logo

EveryCat Health Foundation

As the sole non-profit organization worldwide dedicated to feline health, EveryCat Health Foundation leads the way in awarding grants and resources to feline medical researchers. Explore their extensive library of published research to contribute to the health and longevity of our furry companions. logo offers comprehensive information on feline nutrition, health, and wellness in an easily understandable format. Powered by Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM, the website reflects her dedication to promoting common-sense approaches to maintaining a healthy life for cats.

Bend Animal Emergency logo

Bend Animal Emergency

Accidents or illnesses can happen unexpectedly, and when they do, every second counts. Our state-of-the-art animal clinic is equipped to handle emergency cases with expertise and compassion.

VRCCO logo

VRCCO Emergency Veterinary Hospital

VRCCO’s state of the art specialty and emergency hospital is now open. We welcome you into this beautiful space, the new home to advanced veterinary medicine in Central Oregon.

Sunset Veterinary Services logo

End of Life Care

Compassionate And Loving In-Home Geriatric, Hospice And End Of Life Care For Dogs And Cats.
At Home Pet Euthanasia, and Palliative Care for Bend Oregon and surrounding areas of Central Oregon

News and Articles

Cat laying on back

Featured in Source Weekly

Feline Fine's own Dr. Kadasi was featured in the Source Weekly, where she answers some frequently asked questions about cats. Dogs get a lot of attention in a town like Bend, dubbed a "Dog Town USA," but as cat lovers know, cats can offer their fair share of love and...

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