Feline Fine Angel Fund

Become a Cat’s Guardian Angel by Donating to Our Clinic Fund

woman with angel wings holding a cat

We all love cats– whether they are our own pets or those of others.

Cats are magnificent creatures, deserving of compassion and access to care. For families who have fallen into hard financial times, providing veterinary care for their feline companions is often out of reach. In these cases, financial assistance helps our kitty patients receive the medical care they need, when they need it most. This is where our Angel Fund comes in.

Eligibility for Use:
The Angel Fund disbursements are reserved for patients with medical conditions that, when treated, would not be expected to result in additional long-term financial burdens for their owners, and after a client has exhausted all means of payment, including but not limited to seeking help from family and friends, and applying for Care Credit and Scratch Pay (two forms of payment plans accepted by our clinic). The decision to utilize the Angel Fund for a particular case is a joint decision made by the attending veterinarian and support staff at Feline Fine. As our Angel Fund is 100% donations-based, the availability of funding may be limited at any given time.

How to donate:
As a donor, you can elect to be named or remain anonymous, and as to whether you would like your donation to be in a particular pet’s memory. You can also choose to start your own donation fund within the clinic, as well as determining qualification parameters. Donations can be made via Debit Card or Credit Card, cash, or check. Please note that donations are not tax-deductible, as our clinic is not 501c3 eligible.

Additional questions:
If you have any additional questions about donating to our Angel Fund, or about setting up a Feline Fine donation fund of your own, please call us at:
or send us an e-mail at: