Illness, Injury, and Behavior Problems

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Illness, Injury, and Behavior Problems

When you sense that something is wrong with your cat, it is important to bring your pet to a veterinarian that you trust for appropriate evaluation and medical care. We are here to help you with a variety of your feline friend’s acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) health concerns, with patience and compassion.

Kitties are very good at hiding signs of pain and illness. For this reason, any time you feel something is “off” with your pet, these signs should be taken seriously. Give us a call to chat with a staff member, so that we can help determine the best course of action. Sometimes, this may simply involve an evaluation with our veterinarian for peace of mind, other times this will require diagnostics and treatments to get to the root of the problem and/or referral to a local emergency veterinary hospital.

Some examples that might prompt evaluation could include:

  • Vomiting / Diarrhea
  • Urinary obstruction (unable to urinate)
  • Other changes in urination or defecation, including constipation, inappropriate eliminations outside of the litter box
  • Changes in appetite or water consumption
  • Lethargy
  • Lameness / limping
  • Itchy skin, skin lumps, and other skin lesions
  • Changes in personality / vocalization
  • Injuries / trauma
  • Unexpected weight loss or weight gain
  • Behavioral issues such as anxiety or aggression
  • Any other health concern with your pet

Some of our available diagnostics include:

  • Blood work (CBC, chemistry, thyroid testing, feline proBNP, FeLV/FIV/Heartworm testing, etc.)
  • Urinalysis and urine cultures
  • Cytology (ears, skin, masses, body fluids)
  • Body Radiographs (“x rays”)
  • Dental Radiographs
  • Focused ultrasounds

Emergency Treatment and Specialist Services



  • We want to ensure that you and your pet receive the best possible treatment, and sometimes this will require referral to a local specialist who can travel to our facility, and/or referral to a local specialty/emergency hospital. On the occasions that we are unable to complete certain necessary diagnostics and treatments for your pet at our clinic, we will work closely with referring veterinary hospitals and specialists to ensure an appropriate level of continuity of care.

Call us to schedule an appointment with our doctor to address your pet’s health concern.

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